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Voodoo Joe

Great News!

The Chicago Bears have cut Cedric Benson!


I can't see how rookie Matt Forte can be any WORSE than Benson. The Bears may actually have a running game this season!


I predict that Benson will move to either the Cowboys or the Bengals.
The Bengals is probably a good fit seeing as Benson has a terrible attitude as well as criminal tendencies. I mean at least the Cowboys hire players who are at least interested in playing and winning.
Yeah, they also try to pick ones with talent, damn them.
Let's see. . . Benson was arrested for drinking and driving, and drinking and boating.

He doesn't have a pilot's license, right?

(I assume the Bears are going to try to plug Hester in this position. As well as the position of quarterback, cornerback, and where-ever else he might get the opportunity to touch the ball.)
Ah, I wonder what the betting odds are on Benson being arrested for being drunk and disorderly on a flight?