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Silly Season Begins

Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping well. My first recap of the new series of Merlin is up on Snark and Fury. I'll catch up on the second one this week and hopefully recap it before Saturday.

I probably won't post any more recap pimping posts on here so either bookmark Snark and Fury and check each week, or subscribe using one of those funky RSS feeds.


Voodoo Joe


Haven't posted on here for a while, mainly because anything of interest gets posted on Twitter or Snark and Fury. I still watch my Friends list but I don't think I'll really be posting anything up on here for the forseeable future. Twitter has become the platform for my personal blogging as I generally tweet every day nonsense and interesting links.

And for those of you who like my particlar brand of snarky nonsense, I am reviewing Torchwood every single day this week.

Voodoo Joe

Another One

In a desperate attempt to catch up I've produced another recap.
I have to watch Whale Wars this weekend as someone sent me a preview disc, the fool.
Voodoo Joe

Special Announcement

I will be making an announcement tomorrow morning at 8.00am. You won't want to miss it. It's super important.

EDIT: Announcement delayed due to a technical hitch, it's there now though.

EDIT: Although I could claim that making you all visit my other site to see nothing at all was an  April Fool's prank. There is something there now though. Honest.